I have worked as a choral director since 2012 and currently lead the Copenhagen-based choir Røst. Typically I work with choirs that sing covers and original material with an ‘indie’ or ‘electronic’ sound and anything from four to nine parts arrangements. I have given workshops in different contexts, spanning from two-hour ‘inspiration sessions’ as an alternative to the regular […]


I write and compose as often as I find the time, but most often I arrange covers for choirs and vocal groups. This winter I am writing arrangements for a girls choir and throughout the spring of 2016 I will be working with Jens Johansen, the leader of Vocal Line, as my superviser to make arrangements, as part of […]


Vocal groups differ from choirs by having only one singer on each voice part most of the time. I have been part of several a cappella groups, among others Itchy (Copenhagen) and Vildskud (Copenhagen) as well as substituting in other well-known groups in Denmark. Recent projects: Since the end of 2015 I have become the Musical Mentor […]


Through the last 7 years I have performed as a beatboxer / Vocal Percussionist with vocal groups and choirs, as well as given workshops on technique and musicianship. Recent projects: In March 2015 I visited Faaborgegnens Efterskole and Ollerup Efterskole together with UFO / Kristian Humaidan. Together we did a combined workshop, teaching beatbox and […]

About me

I have worked with contemporary a cappella and choral music since 2002, as a singer, arranger and leader and I am happy to get to share my passion with others on a daily basis. As a performer I am a full time member of two internationally known groups; the Vocal Jazz ensemble Touché (Copenhagen), as well as […]